(New) D.I.S. Powerplant completes Caprari dealership

D.I.S. Powerplant LTD has completed a dealership with Caprari Group.

The Caprari Group is one of the leading international companies in the production of centrifugal and electric pumps and in the creation of advanced solutions for the management of the complete water cycle. The company, founded in 1945 by Amadio Caprari, is constantly expanding and diversifying its activities in order to meet innovative products and services to the specific and changing needs of the water sector, in view of an ever closer and more specialized cooperation with the customer. of.
Thanks to its exclusive and diversified know-how, it today offers the best and most efficient solutions for basic water needs: from water collection basins to deep wells to the raising of sewage and sewerage, from water supply and water distribution in the urban and industrial sector, as well as and in agriculture, to the most diverse applications in water treatment


Pumping water from underground aquifers, lakes or rivers and transporting it to the surface or directly to irrigation points. Caprari manages with the wide range of pumps and electric pumps to satisfy all irrigation needs, private or cooperative.
We are able to meet the diverse needs of the customer, from submersible pumps for water intake from wells to the aquifer, to horizontal pumps for supply to water supply networks. From the treatment of domestic and industrial wastewater to the transport and drainage of clean water.
In the railway and road tunnels, in the underground parking lots, in the Metro: in these facilities the protection of the safety of all of us with respect to the environment is achieved by the use of appropriate and reliable machines, such as submersible electric pumps and other electric pumps on our list.

Pumps and electric pumps suitable for lifting supply water and sewage. Solutions with great success with vertical and multi-cell electric pumps. Electric pumps standardized according to DIN 24255.

We are well aware of the needs of these markets. Thanks to our experience and the many projects we have built in sectors such as mining, oil and gas, fish farming, blacksmithing, artificial snow, etc. With a wide range of pumps, electric pumps and integrated solutions, Caprari company is able to meet the many needs that arise in these industries and to respond with highly reliable proposals.

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