(New) D.I.S. Powerplant completes Eurogarden dealership

D.I.S. Powerplant LTD announces a dealership with EuroGarden.

EuroGarden is largest independent supplier in Belgium in their field of activities. EuroGarden distributes a full range of garden machinery, parts and accessories exclusively for professional dealers throughout Europe. The mission includes providing a full range at the best price/performance ratio to meet the needs and the satisfaction of its customer. The history of EuroGarden began in 1877 when Edouard de Saint-Hubert, founded the company “De Saint-Hubert” and produced agricultural machinery (drills, pumps).

Today, EuroGarden has become a company with several offices and warehouses in Belgium, the Netherlands and France, each equipped with modern technologies to provide the best possible service to their customers. For EuroGarden, the best service means: to provide a selection of the best products for customers with sufficient margins to be competitive, to ensure stock availability of all products, to deliver in the shortest possible delivery time and offer an excellent service at all times.

The customers is king and his satisfaction is the driving force behind the company. EuroGarden continually invests in the widest sense of the word. They are constantly looking for the best resources to acquire and select the best products. Also their employees are a very important factor: EuroGarden provides a quality staff training. These investments all have a common goal: to provide a faster, more efficient and wider service towards all the customers. EuroGarden supplies exclusively to professional dealers.